Operated by A2Z Travel
Garage Walsall
Vehicle Any (Often Dennis Darts)
Peak vehicle requirement 1
Start Bilston Bus Station
Via Willenhall Town
End County Bridge Estate, Devon Road
Length About ?? miles
Level Daytime 09:30 - 15:25 Monday - Saturday off peak, No Sunday Service
Frequency every 60 minutes
Journey time 25 minutes
Night No Service


The 303 is a bus route which has been operated by Petes Travel and Diamond Bus before passing to A2Z Travel in 2007.

A2Z Travel withdrew the route at the end of 2007, however, in the first week of 2008 it was reinstated with help from Centro, who subsidsed the service.

The route serves road which are not normally served by buses.


  • Bilston Bus Station
  • Willenhall Town Centre
  • Bentley
  • County Bridge Estate

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