Operated by Diamond Bus
Garage Tividale
Vehicle Any, Often Dennis Dart
Peak vehicle requirement 3
Start Walsall Bus Station
Via Princes End & Dudley
End The Merry Hill Centre
Length About ?? miles
Level Sundays Only 10:08 - 17:38
Frequency Every 30 Minutes
Journey time 44 Minutes per Direction.
Night No Service

Service 300 is a bus route operated by Diamond Bus in the West Midlands, England


The 300 only operates on a Sunday. It is the only direct bus service between Walsall and the Merry Hill Shopping Centre. It follows a similar route to that taken by services 311 and 313. When the service finishs operating on a Sunday, service 313 operates instead.

History 300 & 310Edit

Previously Diamond Bus operated service 300 and 310 at a weekday frequency of upto every 15 minutes. But these suffered serious loss of passengers and were gradually withdrawn to the current status.

The route 310 Merry Hill Centre - Walsall was one of the first routes to be given the "Diamond" branding and initially provided a 30 minute frequency along the corridor with the 300 providing the sunday service.

At one point diamond interworked routes 300 and 310 with the 247/248 routes to provide a through service between Stourbridge - Stourbridge Junction - Pedmore - Lye - Merry Hill - Dudley - Wednesbury - Walsall.


  • Walsall Bus Station
  • Wednesbury
  • Princes End
  • Dudley
  • Merry Hill

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