Route 30 is a bus route operated by First Midland Red Buses Limited in Worcester, Worcestershire. It is a route that is part of the Worcester Overground Network of bus services that are organised by both the bus service number and an assigned colour. Route 30 is the Green Line.

Route 30 runs from Worcester Bus Station at the CrownGate Shopping Centre to the Dines Green Housing Estate in the west of Worcester, running via the small commercial area of Saint John's and along the Bromyard Road.

Route InformationEdit

Route 30 was introduced on Sunday, August 31, 2008. It replaced Route 33 along the route that it currently follows, which ran from the Dines Green Housing Estate along the same route to Worcester Bus Station, and then the journey continued along the Tolladine Road to the Warndon area in the north-east of Worcester. Route 33 was originally the Green Line, but that distinction was given to Route 30 and the altered Route 33 was instead re-assigned as the Purple Line.

Route 30 originally operated at a frequency of twelve minutes during the daytime. On Monday, December 15, 2008, however, the frequency was increased to every ten minutes.

Current RouteEdit

Overview Route Description of Route 30Edit

  • CrownGate Shopping Centre, Worcester Bus Station. [Stand B]
  • Saint John's, Bull Ring.
  • Bromyard Road, A44.
  • Dines Green Housing Estate.
  • Bromyard Road, A44.
  • Saint John's, Bull Ring.
  • CrownGate Shopping Centre, Worcester Bus Station. [Stand B]

Detailed Route Description of Route 30Edit

From CITY CENTRE (Bus Station) via All Saints' Road, Bridge Street, New Road, Bull Ring, Saint John's, Bromyard Road, Tudor Way, Drake Avenue, DINES GREEN, Drake Avenue, Tudor Way, Bromyard Road, Bull Ring, Saint John's, Tybridge Street, Hylton Road, Bridge Street, North Parade, North Quay, Dolday, The Butts and Angel Place to CITY CENTRE (Bus Station).

Route 30 in the PastEdit

Midland Red West, and inevitably First Midland Red, operated a Route 30 from the introduction of the Citibus Network of bus services in Worcester on November 23, 1985 to 2003, when Route 30 was withdrawn. This Route 30 had no affiliation with the current Route 30, instead serving the Ronkswood Housing Estate in the east of Worcester. It was gradually accompanied by two other sister routes; Route 30A and Route 30B during the 1980s and the 1990s. Route 30A was operated by the Boomerang Bus Company during the evenings and on Sundays from the late 1990s to the route's withdrawal before 2004. Route 30B was withdrawn at the same time as Route 30.

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