757 (including 755)
Operated by Arriva Shires & Essex
Garage Luton
Vehicle Various coach types, including:
VDL SB4000/Van Hool T9
DAF SB3000/Plaxton Premiere
Start Luton
Via Luton Airport
M1 Motorway
End London
Length 30 miles (48 km)
Level Daily
Frequency Every 15 minutes
Journey time Around 1 hour 30 minutes
Day 24 hour service
Night 24 hour service
peak vehicle requirement
See also: Green Line Coaches

Green Line route 757 is a limited-stop express coach service, currently operated by Arriva Shires & Essex as part of the large Green Line Coaches network. It operates between Luton and London. Additionally, the route 755 variation also serves some Luton housing estates. Some coaches run in easyBus livery.


Route 757 was started in 1980, as part of a new Green Line network. [1]

In 2005, five new VDL SB4000/Van Hool T9 were ordered for the route, these were some of the first wheelchair accessible coaches to enter service with disabled passengers entering via the front door. [2] There is currently competition over which is the best solution for wheelchair accessible coaches, with National Express' most popular. In 2007, one of these coaches sustained sever accident damage in a fatal accident on the M1 motorway. [3]

In 2006, as part of some easyBus service changes, some of the 757 coaches were repainted into easyBus orange. Thus, the minibus serves operated by easyBus over the same route of the 757 has now been incorporated into the coach route. Tickets can be used on either vehicles, and all coaches display prominent, "Green Line (or easyBus) passengers welcome" notices.

More recently, it has been common to see some of Arriva's standard buses on the route, most often Scania/Wright Solars branded for Luton Town services.

In February 2008, the route was revised to run as a standard service from Luton, then Luton Airport to London. Route 755 continued however.

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