Site of Kenilworth railway station in 2005
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Key datesOpened 9 December 1844
1884Station re-built
18 January 1965Closed
2013Planned re-opening
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Kenilworth railway station was a railway station in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England on the Coventry to Leamington line.[1] It was opened in 1844, and both the line and the station were closed to passengers in 1965[1] under the Beeching Axe. Passenger services over the line were restarted in the 1980s but the station was not reopened. What remains of the double track includes a passing loop, and the approaches to Coventry and Leamington Spa stations.


Proposals for reopening the station have existed for many years. In 2008, CrossCountry and Warwickshire County Council supported the reopening and started to prepare a business case.[2] It has been included in 2008-2009 Warwickshire Local Transport Plan.[3] Template:Vague

On 21 July 2009 it was announced that John Laing had been awarded a 20-year contract to design, build, and operate the new station, due to open in 2013.[4][5] Planning permission was granted on 21 April 2011.[6] However, funding for the station had been refused.[7]

In late 2011, John Laing successfully asked to withdraw from the contract, and there is no funding available for the station construction to go ahead in the immediate future. However, the November 2011 approval for upgrading of the adjacent Coventry to Nuneaton route gave new hope for regeneration of the line through Kenilworth.

In February 2013, Warwickshire County Council made a £5 million funding bid to the new fund the government have created to construct or renovate stations.[8]

Funding was approved in June 2013.[9]

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