Overview Edit

The route 6 is a Merseytravel route operated by Halton Transport. The route goes from Lunts Heath to Liverpool or Liverpool to Huyton.

Timetable Edit

The 6 has two early morning journeys. These are the 0528 Lunts Heath to Liverpool and the 0610 Liverpool Queen Square to Huyton Bus Station.

History Edit

The route 6 was once a commercial route operated by Arriva North West. The service went from Liverpool Queen Square to Warrington Bus Interchange. It was operated daily by Arriva with 2 early morning Merseytravel services operated by Halton Transport, and was grouped with the routes 6E, 7, 7A and 7E. The Huyton to Warrington section was then replaced by the 7. In 2016, Arriva decided that the service wasn't commercially viable and stopped operating the route along with the 6E and 7A/7E, and the 6 was left with the two Merseytravel services that operate today.

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