Operated by London General
Garage Northumberland Park (NP)
Vehicle Wright StreetLite 8.8m
PVR 14
Start Enfield Town
Via Bush Hill Park
Edmonton Green
Northumberland Park
End Tottenham Hale Station
Length 8 miles (12 km)
Level Daily
Journey time 33-55 minutes
Frequency About every 10 minutes
Day 04:25 to 01:40
Night No night service
Adult single fares
Oyster 90p
Cash £2.00

London Buses route 192 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, United Kingdom. The service is currently contracted to London General.


Route 192 is a local minibus service running in the Enfield area, between Enfield to Tottenham Hale. It was started in 1995, at the time from Enfield to Northumberland Park Tesco, and providing some competition to commercial services 363 and 517 which County Bus had just launched. Optare StarRider minibuses from Leaside’s Enfield Garage were used to begin with, but these were replaced by Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer or Northern Counties Paladins after a few years. The route was extended to Tottenham Hale during 2001, when Arriva Shires and Essex, who had taken over County Bus, withdrew the 363 and 517.

Arriva London (who had taken over Leaside) won a new contract for the route in November 2002. This specified low floor buses, a batch of new 8.8m Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer "Mini Pointer Darts" were purchased. The tender also saw a large service increase, with the daytime frequency on Mondays to Saturdays increasing from every 15 to every 10 minutes, and evenings and Sundays from 30 to every 15 minutes, with earlier and later journeys added.

A contract for October 2007 was again won by Arriva, and again it specified new vehicles. These were Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Darts, which entered service in 2008. The service carries heavy loadings throughout the route, but the narrow roads the route traverses means that the vehicles are still to the shortest length however. From the new contract, an extra bus was added to the schedule, to counter the delays caused by the overcrowding on the route. [1]

On 5 October 2013, the allocation was moved back to Enfield (E) garage.

On 8 November 2014, route 192 passed to London General using existing single deckers (hired from Arriva London) from Northumberland Park (NP) garage.

In January 2015, brand new Wright StreetLites were introduced.

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