London Buses route 48 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London. The service is currently contracted to Arriva London North for London Buses.

Operated by: Arriva London

Bus: New Bus For London(NB4L)

Length: 8 Miles

Level: Daily

Frequency: About every 10 minutes

How long: 39-67 minutes

PVR: 20

Day: 5AM to 12:30AM


The 48 was introduced on 7 September 1968 as part of the Reshaping scheme of London Buses that had been proposed by London Transport in 1966 and now with nearly forty years in service, has now become the longest surviving incarnation of the 48 route number in London.

The first section of the Victoria Line opened on 1 September 1968 and a week later a large scheme of bus route changes took place. One of the many routes introduced on that date was the 48. It was an amalgam of sections of the altered route 35 and the withdrawn route 38A. It ran as a daily service between Whipps Cross and London Bridge Station via Leyton, Lea Bridge Road, Clapton, Dalston, Shoreditch, Liverpool Street Station, Monument and London Bridge. RT's were originally used on the route but were replaced with RML's as from May 1971.

The route was a major trunk service, so that unusually for newly introduced routes, there were seldom changes to it. The first real alteration occurred on 26 February 1983, when in a scheme intended to localise sections of route 55, the 48 swapped its Whipps Cross terminus with the 55 and ran instead to Walthamstow Central Station. In another complication to the scheme, the 48 was further curtailed at Leyton Green on Mondays to Fridays except evenings when it ran through to Walthamstow in place of route 255.

As from 2 February 1985, the 48 was converted to one-person operation on Sundays. At the same time garage journeys to Walthamstow Garage were introduced. Six months later, on 3 August 1985 the Monday to Saturday service was also converted to one-person operation.

The complicated service arrangements in operation since 1983 were cleaned up as from 6 June 1987 when the route became a daily London Bridge to Walthamstow Central route with journeys extended to Walthamstow Garage. These garage journeys were also withdrawn as from 19 November 1988 when Walthamstow Garage was closed.

On 24 February 1990, there was a major shake-up of the routes serving Lea Bridge Road (38, 48 and 55). In this scheme, the 48 was re-routed between Clapton Pond and Shoreditch via Hackney, Mare Street and Hackney Road once again replacing a section of its parent route the 35, with the section from Clapton to Dalston also being replaced by the new route 56.

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The route number 48 had been used four times prior to its current use.

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