35px London Buses
65This route has the ibus AVL system installed.
Operated by London United
Garage Fulwell
Vehicle Scania OmniCity 10.8m
PVR 20
Start Ealing Broadway
Via South Ealing
End Kingston
Length 10 miles (15 km)
Level 24-hour service
Frequency About every 7-30 minutes
Journey time 34-64 minutes
Day 24-hour service
Night 24-hour service
Adult single fares
Oyster 90p
Cash £2.00
peak vehicle requirement
Transport for LondonPerformance

London Buses route 65 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, United Kingdom. The service is currently contracted to Transdev London.


The 65 was introduced in the 1950s, little different from what it is now, it ran from Ealing Argyle Road (now Scotch Common) followed the present 297 to Ealing Broadway, and the current route via South Ealing, Brentford, Richmond and Ham to Kingston, it then continued to Leatherhead Garage via Tolworth, Hook and Chessington. The Chessington Zoo to Leatherhead section was withdrawn in 1968 and replaced by the 71.

It was extended from Chessington Zoo to Chessington Fox & Hounds in Monday to Friday peak hours in 1975. The Argyle Road to Ealing Broadway section was withdrawn in 1982 and replaced by the former route 273. The Kingston to Chessington Zoo section was withdrawn in 1987.

The 65 gained a night service in 2002, with the night service using an 'N' prefix. This was recently been dropped and the 24 hour service uses the 65 number.

There are also plans to merge 65 & 71 to be merged into 65, from Chessington to Ealing Broadway, which is a proposed and is for night bus route only.

London Transport operated the route from a number of garages over the years including Turnham Green, Hanwell, Norbiton and Kingston, using RTs and from 1975 Routemasters. One person operation came in 1986 with Metrobuses from Norbition Garage. When the route was placed out to tender, it was awarded to Kingston Bus, retaining Metrobuses. Upon re-tender in 1990, the contract passed to Armchair. However they were unable to start the route immediately, so London & Country gained a nine-month temporary contract, using Leyland Olympians and Leyland Atlanteans from distant Croydon and Leatherhead garages. Armchair took over in 1991 with operation from their Brentford garage, using Leyland Olympians made spare from the loss of 260 and some secondhand Leyland Atlanteans. Upon re-tender in 1996, Armchair retained the route with the Olympians, but replaced the aging Atlanteans with new Volvo Olympian/Northern Counties Palatine 2s. The odd single deck from the 209, E2 and E8 allocation did show up.

Finally in 2002, after 11-year operation by Armchair, it was won by its original operator London United, at the Fulwell Garage, using Dennis Trident 2 9.9m / Alexander ALX400.

London United was bought by Transdev London and most of the Fulwell fleet are being painted in full red.

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