35px London Buses
81This route has the ibus AVL system installed.
Operated by Transdev London
Garage Hounslow (AV)
Vehicle Dennis Dart SLF 10.8m / Plaxton Pointer 2
Volvo B7TL 10m / Alexander ALX400
PVR 14
Start Hounslow
Via Hounslow West
Harlington Corner
Heathrow North
End Slough
Length 12 miles (19 km)
Level Daily
Frequency About every 12-20 minutes
Journey time 39-73 minutes
Day 4:48am until 0:35am
Night No night service
Adult single fares
Oyster 90p
Cash £2.00
peak vehicle requirement
Transport for LondonPerformance

London Buses route 81 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, United Kingdom. The service is currently contracted to Transdev London.


Route 81 is a long standing route, reaching the furthest out of London to Slough. The 81 once stretched even further west, terminating at Windsor Castle on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, until 8 May 1963 when it was withdrawn between Windsor and Slough at all times. In 1963 it was extended on Sundays further into London, to Shepherds Bush Green, via Isleworth, although this only lasted until August 1969. 8 months later, on 18 April 1970, the route was converted from Routemaster crew operation, to single decker one person operation (using SM class AEC Swifts).

The 1980s saw the introduction by London Regional Transport of route tenders, the 81 being the first out of 12 routes to be put out to tender. The contract for the route was awarded to London Buslines, and passed to them from London Buses on 13 July 1985.

Tendering saw the route move from Hounslow Garage to Lampton (later Southall) and revert back to double deck, using yellow DMS class buses. Ten years later, on 29 July 1995 the route was lost to Westlink and moved to Hounslow Heath Garage using DA class single deckers.

Westlink was bought out by London United in 1999, and by 2000 the full allocation had moved back to Hounslow Garage, subsequently being converted to low floor operation. Contract renewal in July 2005 saw the route being retained by Transdev.

The route has no dedicated night service, although night bus route N9 covers the section between Heathrow and Hounslow.

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Except evening and Sundays

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