35px London Buses
92This route has the ibus AVL system installed.
Operated by First London
Garage Alperton (ON)
Vehicle Volvo B7TL 10.6m /[ [Wright Eclipse Gemini]] (VNZ)
PVR 18
Start St Raphael's North
Via Wembley
End Ealing Hospital
Length 9 miles (14 km)
Level Daily
Frequency About every 8-12 minutes
Journey time 40-59 minutes
Day 5:00am until 0:30am
Night No night service
Adult single fares
Oyster 90p
Cash £2.00
peak vehicle requirement
Transport for LondonPerformance

London Buses route 92 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, United Kingdom. The service is currently contracted to First London.


The 92 was renumbered from 18C in 1944, it was developed from the route 18, so much that it had nothing in common with the 18, except a short section between Sudbury & Wembley. The route is very much similar to what it is now, except that it ran to the old Southall garage (opposite to Ealing Hospital) where it now terminates. In Wembley area, it ran to Wembley Empire Pool.

The Monday to Friday rush hours and lunchtimes, was renumbered 92A which ran via South Way to Wembley Trading Estate rather than Empire Pool. The 92A ran parallel with the 92 in the day on Saturdays.

However, reshaping the area lead to abandonment of Empire Pool, the route was rerouted via the Wembley Trading Estate and terminate at the new Tesco at Brent Park.

In 1998, the 92 was extened to St Raphael's North.

The 92 has always been a double-deck route from when it was run by London Buslines until now, but when the 92 was moved within First Group to Centrewest's Alperton garage, it converted into single-deck using new low-floor Marshall-bodied Dennis Dart SLF although a couple of Metrobuses did crop up.

In 2003, the route was converted back to double-deck this time using new Volvo B7TL 10.6m / Wright Eclipse Gemini (VNZ)s, but the shorter VNWs show up very frequently even though they were intended for routes 79 and 95.

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