In partnership with Network West Midlands, National Express West Midlands has recently upgraded six of its bus routes to 'showcase' services. The routes involved in the scheme, which sees passengers getting a refund if their bus is more than 15 minutes late, is currently in force on services 1, 377, 451, 934, 934A, 934B, 992, 993, 994 & 997. Services 1 (Birmingham - Moseley), 377 (Walsall - Sutton Coldfield) and 451 (West Bromwich - Sutton Coldfield) are operated using recently refurbished buses. Services 934 (Birmingham - Foley Road West) 934A operates (Birmingham - Pheasey), where as the 934B (Birmingham - Pheasey during the eveings, which replaced the service 34A) 992 (Birmingham - Streetly), 993 (Birmingham - Streetly), 994 (Birmingham - Streetly), (all combined a steady 20 minute frequencey throughout Monday - Friday, where as the 994 route runs all days on Saturdays), and 997 (Walsall - Birmingham) boast brand new, high backed leather seated buses, which are in the new 'National Express West Midlands' livery.


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