RWBA Bus West Midlands Transport
Operator National Express Coventry
Garage Coventry, Wheatley Street
Vehicle Optare Solo or Volvo B6LE/Wright Crusader
Start Coundon
Via Coventry City Centre
Wainbody Avenue
Canley Gardens
End Cannon Park (Shopping Centre)
Length About 11 miles
Level Mon-Sat daytime
Frequency every 60 minutes
Journey time 59 minutes
Day 09:30-15:30 Mon-Sat
No Sunday service
Night No night service
peak vehicle requirement
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National Express Coventry Route 42 is a bus service in the city of Coventry in the West Midlands region of England.

The City Centre - Cannon Park section of the route is operated with support from Centro.


  • Prior to 4 April 2004 - Route 42 (which came into existence c.1992) operated between City Centre and Cannon Park only. Another route numbered 49 (which came into existence c.1989) operated between Coundon and Coventry Rail Station via Coventry City Centre.
  • From 4 April 2004 - Routes 42 and 49 were merged into one route numbered 42, this alleviated the duplication where both routes overlapped between Coventry City Centre and Coventry Rail Station. The time saved here was used to add running time and improve reliability for the route between City Centre and Cannon Park.


  • Coundon, Overslade Crescent
  • Coundon, Holloway Field
  • Coundon, Moseley Avenue
  • Coundon, Holyhead Road (Alvis Retail Park)
  • Coventry City Centre
  • Warwick Road (near Coventry Rail Station)
  • Kenilworth Road (War Memorial Park)
  • Wainbody Avenue
  • Cannon Park, Cannon Hill Road
  • Cannon Park, Tutbury Avenue
  • Sir Henry Parkes Road, Herald Pub
  • Cannon Park Shopping Centre

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