RWBA Bus West Midlands Transport
23 / 23C
Operator National Express Coventry
Garage Coventry, Wheatley Street
Vehicle Mercedes-Benz O405N Mon-Sat,
ALX400 on Sundays
Start Coventry, Pool Meadow
Via Alvis Retail Park
Allesley Old Road
End Allesley Park
23C extends via Wildcroft Road to Broad Lane
Length 3.3 miles (23)
6.2 miles (23C)
Level Daily
Frequency Every 15 mins Mon-Sat daytime,
Every 60 mins evenings & Sundays
Journey time 14-21 mins (23)
28 mins (23C)
Day 06:30-23:00 Mon-Fri
07:30-23:00 Sat
09:30-23:00 Sun
Night No Night Service
peak vehicle requirement
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National Express Coventry routes 23 and 23C are bus routes operated by National Express Coventry in the city of Coventry in the West Midlands of England.

Current routeEdit

Route 23Edit

Route 23CEdit

This route is an extension of route 23 and operates in it's place during Sunday daytime (whilst 32C or 34 isn't operating along Broad Lane), and on two Mon-Fri school time trips (to service The Woodlands School on Broad Lane) :

  • Coventry, Pool Meadow Bus Station.
  • Holyhead Road (Alvis Retail Park)
  • Four Pounds Avenue
  • Allesley Old Road
  • Allesley Park, Winsford Avenue
  • Wildcroft Road, Whoberley
  • Broad Lane
  • Broad Lane/Banner Lane Terminus

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