Travel Surrey
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HeadquartersByfleet, Surrey
Service areaSurrey
Service typeMainly urban bus services
Heathrow Airport
FleetAround 50
OperatorNational Express Group
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Travel Surrey is a bus operator in Surrey which is a subsidiary of the National Express Group. It was separated from Travel London in September 2007.

Future - National Express Group re-brandingEdit

On 11 November 2007, National Express Group announced plans to re-brand their UK bus service companies (including Travel London) under the National Express identity. the new name for Travel Surrey will be National Express Surrey.


Travel London moved into Byfleet depot in June 2005 after buying out the former operator Tellings-Golden Miller. The company name used was Travel London (West) Ltd, but still traded as Travel London (now Travel Surrey). After a slow start and some changes in the management structure the business is going from strength to strength. In buying TGM, Travel London effectively doubled their presence in the London area and are fast becoming a familiar name across the capital. Travel Surrey currently run a fleet of approximately 104 buses from this depot and are aggressively trying to win further tenders for TfL services in the West London area. All vehicles underwent a repaint programme and had the blue and white colours of TGM replaced with a more familiar fleet of red vehicles. TGM did operate services into Surrey, but under National Express Group's reign some of these have been given up. An example of this is the 426/446 Woking - Staines service, now operated by Flights Hallmark, trading as Surrey Connect. However, after Flights wound up their operation, many of the routes were regained.


Travel Surrey have one depot, in Byfleet. It is in two parts, and holds 50 buses, and runs Surrey County Council bus routes 218, 441, 451, 461, 471, 513, 514, 515/515A, 555, and 557. There are two parts at each end of the Wintersells Industrial Estate.

Branded routesEdit

A number of services are branded with buses running in special colours.

  • 441 - Plane and Easy: This route is run between Heathrow Airport and Englefield Green via Staines, and is supported by BAA. It received new buses in 2006, with grey swoops at the rear.
  • 426/446: This route is branded with green swoops at the rear, it is notable in serving Thorpe Park, which is included in the branding.
  • 555/557: This route is run by silver liveried buses, and is also run with BAA support.

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