Operated by National Express West Midlands, Arriva Midlands & Choice Travel
Garage Walsall/Cannock (Delta Way)/Wednesfield
Vehicle Volvo B6LE (NXWM), Dennis Dart (ARR), Optare Solo (Choice)
Peak vehicle requirement 2 (NXWM), 2 (ARR), 1 (Choice)
Start Walsall Bus Station
Via Harden, Goscote & Blakenall
End Bloxwich
Length About ?? miles
Level Monday - Friday 06:44 - 23:19, Saturday 07:44 - 23:19, Sunday 10:48 - 23:19
Frequency Daytime up to four buses an hour, evenings & Sundays hourly
Journey time 26 Minutes per Direction.
Night No Service.

Service 319 is a bus route operating in the West Midlands, England.

It links Walsall with Bloxwich via the deprived areas of Goscote, Harden and Blakenall.

Evening journeys by Choice travel further into Bloxwich to serve the Turnberry Road area which is a fairly new residential development which has no other bus services serving it during evenings and Sundays.The Monday to Saturday bus services that serve Turnberry Road are the 347 and 351.

History Edit

Service number 49 was used for many years for this route, it originating from Walsall Corporation Transport, being taken over by West Midlands Transport Exceutive on 1 October 1969. Towards the end of 1970 the 49 service was one of the first in Walsall to be converted permanently to one man operation. Initially the buses used a fare box plus a TIM motorised ticket machine. On conversion to one man operation the fare scale was simplified in view of the farebox and no change given mode of operation. The TIM ticket machines were subsequently replaced by Bell Punch Autofare ticket machines. In recent years Wayfarer ticket machines have been used. In 2008, almost 38 years after introduction the farebox and no change given system, this is still in use. Fleetline118 (talk) 22:38, 4 July 2008 (UTC)

Previously the route was operated by NXWM and Chase Bus Services. It moved to Arriva following the takeover of Chase by Arriva.

Evening journeys (which are subsidised) used to be operated by Central Connect, but in April 2008 passed to Choice Travel.

Upcoming changes Edit

From July 20th National Express West Midlands are enforcing a route adjustment and timetable change on the service.

Places served Edit

  • Walsall Bus Station
  • Harden
  • Goscote
  • Blakenall
  • Bloxwich

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