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The adult fare on National Express West Midlands routes (within the West Midlands county) is £1.10 for a short hop (up to 2 fare stages) and £1.50 for any distance beyond that, on certain sections of some routes the £1.50 fare is the only available (flat rate) single fare. Children aged 5 to 15 are eligible for half rate single fares (55p and 75p). Toddlers aged under 5 are entitled to free travel with a paying adult. National Express West Midlands and National Express Coventry also have a 'Standard Fare' scheme in force, issuing penalty fares of £10 - £20 to deter fraudulent travel.

An all day Daysaver ticket for all routes is £3.00 adult, £2.00 child, which includes National Express Coventry routes as well as routes running outside the West Midlands county where single fares are sometimes much higher than £1.50.

Season tickets include :

  • Regional Travelcard
  • Regional Travelcard with Metro add on
  • Black Country Faresaver
  • Birmingham & Black Country Faresaver


Senior citizens (aged 60 or over) and disabled persons who are resident in the seven metropolitan boroughs of the former West Midlands county are eligible for a free concessionary travel pass issued by Centro. This pass offers free multi-operator bus travel throughout England and free rail and tram travel within the West Midlands county with the exception of weekday journeys starting before 9:30am. However, a concessionary add-on season ticket can be purchased for weekday travel within the West Midlands county before 9:30am.


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