RWBA Bus West Midlands Transport
404, 404A, 404B, 404E & 404H
Operator National Express West Midlands (404 & 404A), Diamond Bus (404E and from July 20th 404B and 404H)
Garage Walsall/Tividale
Vehicle Mercedes-Benz O405N (NXWM) / Dennis Dart (DIA)
PVR 16+
Start Walsall (404, 404A & 404E) / West Bromwich (404B & 404H)
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End West Bromwich (404E), Cradley Heath (404A), Blackheath (404 & 404B), Merry Hill Centre (404H)
Length About ?? miles
Level 404, 404A = Mon - Sun, 404E, 404B & 404H = Mon - Sat
Frequency Up to every 5 Minutes
Journey time 404: 46 Mins 404A: 1Hr1Min 404B:??? 404E: 24 Mins 404H:???
Day 05:10 - 23:55 Monday - Saturday, 08:29 - 23:55 Sunday
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peak vehicle requirement
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National Express West Midlands Routes 404 and 404A, Diamond Bus route 404E and soon to be Diamond Bus services 404B and 404H are bus routes operated in West Midlands, England.


The 404 is a bus route between Walsall and Blackheath and is operated by National Express West Midlands. An extended working, the 404A, to Cradley Heath is operated by National Express West Midlands.

A shortened working of the service between Walsall and West Bromwich, the 404E, is operated by Central Connect. In 2007, the 404E was re-numbered the 404 however many vehicles still carry the 'E' to denote that the service still runs the shorter working.

All services run by these operators operate very regularly on a Monday - Saturday with a combined frequency of every 7-8 minutes. Both National Express West Midlands services operate to a combined fifteen minute frequency on a Sunday.


From 20th July 2008, Central Connect are to introduce two new services; the 404B and 404H. The 404B will operate from West Bromwich to Blackheath. The 404H will extend from Blackheath to Merry Hill Centre and in some cases terminate at Cradley Heath. [1]

These workings are the shortened workings of National Express West Midlands services 404, 404A and all services from Cradley Heath to Merry Hill.

Current routeEdit

Service 404, NXWMEdit

Service 404A, NXWMEdit

Service 404B from 20th July 2008, DIAEdit

Service 404/E, DIAEdit

Service 404H from 20th July 2008, DIAEdit


  1. Network West Midlands

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