Operated by National Express West Midlands
Garage Birmingham Central
Vehicle Alexander ALX400
Peak vehicle requirement 9
Start Birmingham, Moor Street Queensway
Via Yardley, Sheldon, Birmingham Airport & Meriden
End Coventry, Pool Meadow Bus Station
Length About 22 miles
Level 05:00 - 01:00 Monday - Saturday
06:00 - 01:00 Sunday
Frequency every 30 minutes, every 15 minutes at peak times between Birmingham and Birmingham Airport.
N.B - Service 58 (included in the official timetable listed below) also operates between Birmingham & Birmingham Airport, it follows similar routing but serves all stops and has a longer journey time.
Journey time up to 1 hour and 23 minutes
Night NO SERVICE: (Although this route used to run a 24 hour timetable, due to the Internatiol Airport, Train Station and NEC. This service would be one condidard for a re-introduction of an 24 hour service. Currantly there are hourly departures, from Birmingham City Center - Birmingham Internatiol Airport; as service 58N).
West midlands travel bus 26l07

A Travel West Midlands bus operating service 900

National Express West Midlands Route 900 is a bus route running between Birmingham and Coventry.

History of routeEdit

Originally operated by Midland Red as service number 159, the service transferred to WMPTE on 3 December 1973. On 26 January 1986 the service was extended from Birmingham via Halesowen to Hasbury, relaunched as a flagship Timesaver service and re-numbered 900. In 1988 the extension to the route was reverted back presumably because of the unreliability of such routes which traverse through a large busy city centre. (The Birmingham to Hasbury section became routes 19 & 19S, but withdrawn these service on 27th April 2008). The 900 journey time was then 60 minutes end to end, in recent years however as a result of additional routing, more stopping places and congestion the end to end journey time has increased by about 40% which has made the service less attractive for those travelling between the two cities. Along with the withdrawal of the Hasbury section and the extended time on the 900 service, has not shown good intrest in the people who used them. The latest alteration to service 900, was to reduce it to evrey 30 minutes during the daytimes of Monday - Saturday. A 15 minute Monday - Friday Peek time frequancy. Finaly the introduction of service 58, during Monday - Saturday daytime. This was to fill the 30 minute gap between Birmingham Airport and Birmingham City Centre, in effect providing a 15 minute frquancey along the corrodore during the off peek. To add to this: The Timesaver brand has also been phased out. National Express West Midlands currently has a maximum single fare of £1.50 on the route.

Current routeEdit

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