192 / 194
Operated by National Express West Midlands
Garage Acock's Green
Vehicle Usually Volvo B10L/Wright Liberator, but sometimes Volvo B7TL/Wright Eclipse Gemini or Volvo B7RLE
Peak vehicle requirement 2
Start Solihull Railway Station
Via Meriden & Balsall Common
End Coventry, (Pool Meadow Bus Station)
Length 20 miles
Level 07:30 - 18:30 Monday - Friday
08:30 - 18:30 Saturdays
Frequency circa. every 75 minutes
Journey time 1 hour and 7 minutes
Night No Service

National Express West Midlands Routes 192 and 194 is a bus route corridor operating between the town of Solihull and the city of Coventry.

History of routeEdit

  • 1984 - came into existence. The areas which the route covers was previously served by a mixture of several WMPTE and Midland Red routes.
  • 24 Oct, 1994 - service was transferred to Your Bus, a subsidiary of West Midlands Travel.
  • 4 Feb, 2001 - service was amalgamated to the Acock's Green depot of Travel West Midlands. (prior to 24 Oct, 1994 it was operated by Coventry depot).

Current routeEdit

N.B. : First trip towards Coventry starts from Acock's Green bus depot and operates via Olton Station before commencing from Solihull, likewise last trip towards Solihull extends via Olton Station to Acock's Green bus depot.

External linksEdit

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