RWBA Bus West Midlands Transport
394, 394A, 394B and 395
Operator National Express West Midlands & A2Z Travel (394 Only)
Garage Walsall/Walsall
Vehicle MCW Metrobus (TWM) / Dennis Dart (A2Z)
PVR 11 (NXWM)/ 2 (A2Z)
Start Walsall
Via {{{via}}}
End 394 & 394B = Brownhills, 394A = Brownhills West, 395 = Burntwood
Length About ?? miles
Level 340/341/341E - Mon-Sat
Frequency Every 10+mins combined)
Journey time 25 Minutes (394), 35 Minutes (394A), 27 Minutes (394B) & 43 Minutes (395)
Day 05:02 - 23:58 Monday - Friday, 05:32 - 23:58 Saturday, 10:10 - 00:07 Sunday
Night {{{night}}}
peak vehicle requirement
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National Express West Midlands Routes 394A, 394B and 395 and National Express West Midlands and A2Z Travel route 394 are bus routes operated in West Midlands, England. Some services travel into South Staffordshire.


Prior to July 2007, multiple services operated by National Express West Midlands (then Travel West Midlands) went to Brownhills. These were circular services 392 and 393, via Rushall, Shelfield, Walsall Wood, Brownhills & Ogley Hay the 394, 395 and 396 between Walsall - Norton Canes Via Brownhills, Ogley Hay & Brownhills West.

However, all these services were withdrawn in July 2007 and replaced by the 394A. At the same time the 394 was shortened to Brownhills from Boney Hay


National Express West Midlands (NXWM) operate service 394, between Walsall and Brownhills via Shelfield and Walsall Wood and the 394A, between Walsall and Brownhills West via Shelfield and Shire Oak at twenty minute frequencies, giving a combined frequency of every 10 minutes. The 394 is operated every day of the week, whilst with the exception of one journey on a Sunday, the 394A only operates Monday - Saturday.

Additionally, NXWM also operate service 395 at a twenty minute frequency throughout the day between Walsall and Burntwood via Pelsall and Brownhills on Monday - Saturday.

Extra 394 journeys are operated by A2Z Travel at a roughly hourly frequency, throughout the day.

During evenings and Sundays, National Express West Midlands also operate service 394B to Chasetown from Walsall via Shelfield and Brownhills. This service follows a mixture of the route services 394A and 395 take.

Quite unusually for a bus route, the latest journey taken on the route is on a Sunday, usually the quietest day.


From the 27th July, A2Z Travel will stop operating the 394.

Current routeEdit

Service 394 - NXWM & A2ZEdit

Service 394A - NXWMEdit

Service 394B - NXWMEdit

Service 395 - NXWMEdit


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