Operated by National Express West Midlands
Garage Walsall/Walsall
Vehicle Volvo B6LE (TWM)
Peak vehicle requirement
Start Walsall Bus Station
Via NXWM Walsall Depot & Bloxwich
End Lower Farm
Length About ?? miles
Level 06:02 - 18:34 Monday - Friday, 06:09 - 19:13 Saturday. No Sunday Service
Frequency every 6 - 12 Minutes
Journey time 23 minutes
Night No Service.

Route 302 is a bus route in the West Midlands County), it is operated by National Express West Midlands.


The origin of service 302 goes back to 31 December 1962 when Walsall Corporation introduced a new trolleybus service as an extension of existing journeys operating between Walsall and Bloxwich. At this time the service number was 32. The service passed to West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive on 1 October 1969 and became fully motorbus operated from 3 October 1970. It was renumbered 332 when converted to one man operation in the mid 1970's, and totally withdrawn after 25 October 1986 being then replaced by circular services 372 and 373 which generally then ran at a 15 minute frequency on each route daytime Monday to Saturday and 30 minute frequency on each route at other times. In recent years circular operation by services 372/373 was confined to evenings and Sundays with the re-introduction of Monday to Saturday daytime journeys operating Walsall - Leamore - Bloxwich - Lower Farm Estate using service numbers 302A/302C, generally at a 24 minute frequency on each route, combined to give a 12 minute frequency. The 302C ran clockwise out of Bloxwich via Stafford Road to Lower Farm Estate then via Lichfield Road back to Bloxwich, the 302A operating anti clockwise in the opposite drection. In 2007 these services were simplified with the original (as in 31 December 1962) service pattern being re-introduced as service 302 operating out of Bloxwich via Lichfield Road to Lower Farm Estate and returning via Lichfield Road to Bloxwich at a frequency of every 12 minutes.

The 302 is a major service linking Walsall with the Lower Farm Estate via Bloxwich

The service follows the same route as service 301 up until Bloxwich High Street, where the 301 heads off to the Mossley Estate and the 302 to the Lower Farm Estate.

The route is now only operated by National Express West Midlands who operated services 302A and 302C. These services circled around the Lower Farm Estate, before heading back along the Stafford Road.

On return journeys from Lower Farm, National Express West Midlands services go along the Lichfield Road

Upcoming ChangesEdit


Below is a list of places/facilities which the route serves.

  • Walsall Bus Station
  • Walsall Magistrates Court
  • NXWM Walsall Depot
  • Leamore
  • Bloxwich Leisure Centre
  • Bloxwich High Street
  • Lower Farm

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