Operated by National Express West Midlands
Garage Walsall Depot
Vehicle MCW Metrobus
Peak vehicle requirement 3
Start Walsall
Via Aldridge, Mere Green & Four Oaks
End Sutton Coldfield
Level 05:15 - 23:36 Monday - Friday, 05:45 - 23:36 Saturday, 08:30 - 23:36 Saturday
Frequency Half Hourly
Journey time 38 Minutes

The 366 is a bus route operated by National Express West Midlands in the West Midlands of England.


Service 366 was created in early 2000 as a direct result of service 966 (Walsall - Birmingham Airport via Sutton Coldfield) being withdrawn. Service 366 covers the Walsall - Sutton Coldfield part of the route, whlst the 966 was extended further past the airport.


Currently National Express West Midlands (NXWM) operate the 366, Monday - Saturday at a half hourly frequency during daytime hours. On a Sunday and weekday and Saturday evenings, NXWM operate the service at a hourly frequency, which is interlinked with service 332.

Service 366 currently links Walsall with Sutton Coldfield by way of the areas of Aldridge, Mere Green and Four Oaks. It is one of two routes linking Walsall with Sutton Coldfield, the other being the 377.


Service 366
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