RWBA Bus West Midlands Transport
Operator National Express West Midlands/Diamond Bus
Garage Yardley Wood Depot/ Tividale
Vehicle Enviro 400's, Dennis Trident 2 Alexander ALX400/ Dennis Dart's
PVR 13
Start Birmingham
Via Kings Heath, Myapole
End Druids Heath - 50, Wythall - 50A
Length About ?? Miles
Level Daily
Frequency Service 50 every 3-8 minutes Monday - Saturday, every 10-12 minutes evenings and every 3-9 minutes on Sunday. Service 50A only runs during peak hour.
Journey time approx 40 minutes
Day 04:30 - 00:00 Monday - Saturday, 06:30 - 00:00 Sunday
Night None
peak vehicle requirement
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The 50 and 50A are bus routes in the West Midlands, United Kingdom.

Service 50 links Birmingham with Druids Heath and service 50A links Birmingham to Wythall.


  • 07th May 2008 - Diamond Bus has a slight decrease in overall frequency, from every 4 to 6 minutes off-peak and every 10 minutes peak. Weekday evening service runs every 24 minutes with the Saturday evening service withdrawn.
  • 27th April 2008 - Diamond Bus withdraw the nights service 50N. This service was run commercially.
  • 15th October 2006 - Sunrise Travel start operating the 50 running every 30+ minutes. They withdrew the service a couple of months later.

Travel Your Bus used to operate on the same route under the heading 50Y before they were taken over by Travel West Midlands, now known as National Express West Midlands and renumbered to 50. Equally of note is that People's Express used to operate a rival service before being taken over by Diamond Bus.


Service 50 currently serves Birmingham, the edges of Sparkbrook, Moseley, Kings Heath, Maypole before ending at Druids Heath however Service 50A does not serve Druids Heath but ends in Wythall. National Express West Midlands operates the service every 2-5 minutes Monday - Saturday, every 12 minutes evenings and 9 minutes on Sundays. Service 50A runs two trips in the evening from Birmingham to Wythall, Monday - Saturday and three trips in the mornings from Wythall. The service is usually run by Enviro 400's, many of which are branded specifically for the 50, however Dennis Trident 2 Alexander ALX400's are know to appear from time to time. Both services are run very frequently.

Service 50 also experiences competition from Diamond Bus who run every 6 minutes during the day, 24 minutes during weekday evenings and 8 minutes on Sundays with later starting and earlier finishing times. There is no longer a Saturday evening service.

National Express West Midlands currently charge a maximum fare of £1.50 on both services.


From the 20th July 2008, Diamond Bus will be further reducing their frequency on service 50 to every 10 minutes or more. The weekday evening service will also be ending early.

Current routeEdit

Service 50

Service 50A, NXWM

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