Operated by National Express West Midlands/ Choice Travel
Garage Walsall Depot/ Wednesfield
Vehicle Volvo B6LE/Wright Crusader/Any (Often Optare Solo or Dennis Dart)
Peak vehicle requirement 1
Start Walsall
Via Walsall Manor Hospital, Alumwell, Darlaston & Herberts Park
End Herberts Park/Wednesbury
Level 07:40 - 20:40 Monday - Friday, 08:40 - 20:40 Saturday. No Sunday Service.
Frequency Hourly
Journey time 26 Minutes (639), 23 Minutes (639E)

The 639 & 639E are two bus routes operated by National Express West Midlands and Choice Travel in the West Midlands, England.


Previously the 639 extended to West Bromwich from Wednesbury


Currently National Express West Midlands operate the 639 Monday - Saturday at an hourly frequency between 09:30 and 17:00. They also operate a few 639E services, at 07:40 on weekdays and 08:40 on a Saturday from Herberts Park to Walsall and at 17:04 and 17:45 towards Herberts Park on Monday - Saturday, however their is only one return journey from Herberts Park at 18:15 on a Saturday with none on weekdays, despite the fact the depot is in Walsall. Service 639 links Walsall with Wednesbury, whilst the 639E is a shortened working of the 639 linking the Herberts Park area of Darlaston with Walsall. The routes also link Walsall with The Manor Hospital, Alumwell and Darlaston.

The 639E is also operated on a Centro contract to Choice Travel to operate 3 evening journeys. There are only two journeys in each direction leaving Walsall at 18:55 and 19:55. Rather confusingly, the 639E by Choice Travel is actually numbered the 639, despite being the same as the 639E service.

Current routeEdit

Service 639

Service 639E
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