For more details of this company, see the company who bought it, Probus Management

People's Express was the trading name of Salelink, a bus company in the West Midlands which was acquired by Probus Management (trading as Pete's Travel) in 1998.

In May 1997 Probus acquired a 50% stake in the People Express. People's Express at the time opearted 13 buses in West Bromwich. The remainder of People's Express was bought by Probus in June 1998.

After 28 March 2005 Probus Mangagemnt changed its trading name from Pete's Travel to People's Express.

Though Probus Management People's Express has became under the control of the Go-Ahead Group, operating under the Go West Midlands name.

However, in March 2008, Go West Midlands was sold to Rotala's Central Connect. [1]


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