Rotala is an Alternative Investment Market listed company, which owns a variety of UK transport operators.

Rotala was set up in 2005, with the main intention of acquiring or gaining majority interest in businesses within a number of areas. [1]


[2] These are all grouped as Connect Buses.

Surrey ConnectEdit

Rotala's first acquisition was of Surrey Connect in 2005, when Centra decided to sell the Addlestone, Surrey operation. The business was actually purchased by Flights Hallmark, which is part of Rotala (see below). Surrey Connect developed and continued to grow and won contracts for a number of Surrey County Council tendered routes. Rotala sold the company in early 2007, to focus on the other bus companies. Wiltax took over the majority of the services and three buses, and Travel Surrey two routes and the five buses branded for that service. The rest of the vehicles moved around Rotala. Two services are still branded as Surrey Connect, but run from Flights Hallmark's London Heathrow Airport depot.

Central ConnectEdit

The second acquisition was of Zak's of Birmingham in 2006. The company was renamed Central Connect. North Birmingham Busways and Birmingham Motor Traction followed in 2007, and were both put under Central Connect management.

Wessex ConnectEdit

Wessex Connect was founded in Bristol in 2007 through the Flights Hallmark subsidiary after winning the contract to provide two Bristol City Council Park and Ride services. Around 68 buses were taken over thought the purchase of South Gloucestershire Bus & Coach in late 2007.

Recent developmentsEdit

In January 2008, Rotala completed the deal to take over Ludlows, Halesowen. It is now part of Central Connect.

The most recent development took place in March, and it is the purchase of Go West Midlands from the Go-Ahead Group. This will be operated as part of Central Connect, and provides them with a strong foothold in the Birmingham bus market.


Rotala acquired the Flights Hallmark Group in 2006, comprising a number of coach and chauffeur drive businesses, as well as some shuttle bus services. It is based in the Midlands, and has depots around the country, including one at Heathrow Airport. [3]

Transportation ManagementEdit

Rotala has not yet acquired any companies under this category, but includes Wessex Connect's Bristol Park and Ride service as part of it. [4]

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