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Welcome to the
This is the UK Transport Wiki, a wiki dedicated to transport in the United Kingdom, including railways, cars, buses and areoplanes. Our aim is to provide an encyclopedia rich with images and content for anybody hoping to discover more about transport in the UK, and you can help us by editing and creating articles - no topic is too small! As far as more experienced editors are concerend, we are trying to create a MoS and consistant and modern barding that does the topic justise. For users in Northern Ireland and Wales, Welsh-language and Irish-langauge versions of the wiki should be available soon
Site Administration
Many websites suffer from either poor or over-comlex site adminstration. We hope to avoid either eventuality. Almost all of our rules are common-sense, and for anything more precise the administrators will be able to sort out any issuses caused; thus, editors don't need to read the rules. Our rules can be found at Policy. The rules offer a more precise guide to the workings of our wiki, but so long as you behave reasonably then there should be no issue.
Featured Article
Main Page
So far, the Main Page is the only finished article in our new attempt to get this wiki up and off the ground. We need to go about the wiki adding photos, editing text and fixing templates, so that we can give our wiki the professional air that it needs for the subject matter.
Featured User
Nobody on the wiki has been making edits or working with the community, so nobody has yet earnt this award. If you want to win a spot on this mainpage, don't hesitate to press that "Edit" button!.

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