Operated by Uno
Garage St Albans Business Park ST
Vehicle {{{vehicle}}}
PVR {{{pvr}}}
Start St AlbansCity Centre
Via St Albans Abbey railway station, St Julians Hill , St Albans.
End Cottonmill Maynard Drive
Length 3.8 miles
Level Mon-Sat
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Journey time c. 22 mins
Day 09.00 to 1700
Night see Uno buses route S4
peak vehicle requirement
See also: Green Line Coaches

Uno bus route S5 is a St Albans local bus service, linking Cottonmill and the City Centre. It operates together with route S4.


S5 was operated firstly by Blazefield Holdings' Sovereign. Sovereign retracted back to Leeds and Yorkshire in late 2003/2004. Centrebus, trading as St Albans InMotion at the time, later it was rebranded as Centrebus. Centrebus did keep all of the S5's designated veichles (KC03 PGK and KC03 PGU), but repainted them a few times, with KC03 PGK, now in full Centrebus, despite the fact on March 4, 2008 A local bus company Uno took over all services from St Albans Business Park. Soon, all buses will have the Best Impressions sophisticated shocking pink and purple livery. Currently the service looks like Centrebus, and is still numero uno!

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