<tr><td colspan="2" style="text-align: center; padding: 16px 0 16px 0;">220px</td></tr>
Fate Bought Out
<tr class="note"><th style="text-align:right;">Successor</th><td>Central Connect</td></tr>
Defunct 03/03/2008
Location West Midlands

<tr><th style="text-align:right;">Industry</th><td>Bus transport</td></tr>

Zak's was a bus company that operated a number of services in Birmingham, England. It operated a fleet of mainly low floor blue and white buses, on a variety of services.

From 2006, Zak's operated the free "Station Link" shuttle bus around Birmingham, using a fleet of blue and orange Optare Solos. The service was tendered by West Midlands PTE (Centro).

In 2007, Zak's was purchased by Rotala subsidiary Central Connect.

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